Our Services


We offer a wide range of services which is important in meeting market demands from all of our cutovers. With various capabilities we have the ability to produce many different types of packaging thus supplying many different industries. We are proud to advertise all of our integrated processes which allow us to produce all of your packaging needs in house exclusive of out-sourcing. For example we can print, laminate, and pouch a material all in our facility. This allows for decreased lead times, reduced waste, and absolute control of the materials.

In addition to the above Vins Plastics ltd. serves the food, cosmetics, explosives, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries, for promotional and regular commercial requirements, or laminated webs for a large variety of construction requirements and varieties of products.

Vins Plastics ltd. has experienced employees, all motivated and trained to provide you with quality service on extrusion coating and laminating lines. These lines can handle any number of substrates, including current and future specialty resins or films. Flexographic or lithographic processes can then print up to 10 colours on to the produced web. A full complement of slitters and rewinders are available to ready the product for final use or to be converted into sleeves for shrink packaging applications or a wide variety of different pouch configurations.