Vins Plastics takes great pride in our knowledge and expertise in printing on flexible packaging. Through years of research and development we are able to provide the finest quality printing possible to our customers to advance their products and brands to a new level in the marketplace.

We offer two different types of printing. Our flexographic printing department is outfitted by state of the art award winning Windmöller & Hölscher 10 colour printing presses. The quality that is achieved is incredible and is sure to exceed your expectations. We have advanced expertise in flexographic ink chemistry and appropriate ink selection for different applications and projects. When it comes to flexographic printing there are lots of variables that affect the overall printing quality and repeatability of the design. Through our implementation of the latest technologies we are able to completely revolutionize this printing technique.

In addition to our advanced flexographic printing Vins Plastics offers 7 colour UV lithographic offset printing. Being one of the first and only companies to convert to gapless lithographic printing on thin gauge films. This type of printing offers a unique benefit to the flexible packaging market because of the clear, smooth, sharp images and text that can be achieved. Our experience in this process is illustrated through our high quality printing and graphic design. We pioneered techniques used to remove the mark left by both the blanket and plate gaps thus producing a truly unique way to print lithographic offset for the flexible packaging industry.