Colour Management


Colour is an important consideration in your brand identity. Vins Plastics recognizes the remarkable amount of research and development that goes into selecting which colour schemes your brand and packaging will have. This is why we have invested heavily over the last 5 years into our colour management systems. We ensure that the colours you choose in the design process stay constant so there are no surprises once you receive your final product.

Vins Plastics has partnered with X-rite to create a cutting-edge system that allows us to produce exact colours for printing. This reduces downtime, and the effect is faster production with less material waste during set up. Our experience with the system has grown so much since its implementation that we are now rarely (almost never) adjusting the colour of an ink once it is sent to the press. In addition to the benefits of perfect colour matching, our system incorporates a 3-tiered system for working off and blending inks into new colours that once again fall within the desired specified tolerance outlined by our customers. The result is minimal to no waste, which in turn creates a more sustainable ecofriendly printing solution.