Shrink Sleeves

shrink sleeves toronto

Vins Plastics also has the ability to provide our customers with shrink sleeve labeling, a premium decoration method ideal for irregular designed containers. The process comprises of heating a preprinted plastic sleeve and then shrinking the film by applying heat to take the container’s shape.

Shrink sleeving also allows for the use of specialized coatings as well as metallic inks for both flexographic and lithographic printing. Our shrink sleeve process brings you unique, impactful graphics on any type of container in a wide variety of shapes that would be otherwise, challenging to decorate with other methods. This process can be configured for simple and difficult layouts, such as seamed multiple compartment varieties.

In addition to the complexity of sleeves that we can provide, we can also supply our customers with remarkable printed sleeves with distortion calculation. This will leave your product looking exactly how it was designed to look after it has been shrunk to the product.