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Sustainable Operations

Vins Plastics believes in delivering long term value for all our stakeholders, which includes society and the environment. We have the highest degree of control over our own plant and operations and we take active measures to continuously improve our environmental footprint.

We are focused on:

Minimizing Waste

Minimizing waste
throughout plant

Reducing Energy

Reducing energy consumption and investment into more efficient manufacturing 

Sustainability Icons

Recycling in-process materials where possible. We use these only where approved. Some highly regulated applications do not allow for non-virgin materials.​

Sustainability Icons

Committing to review and invest in technologies that advance our sustainability initatives​.

ecoConscious Packaging

We also aspire to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Packaging plays a small, but critical role. We believe in providing authentic solutions that offer sustainability throughout the entire product life cycle.


Flexible packaging has been shown through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tools to usually result in less fossil fuel usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and water use than other formats due to its very light weight.

ecoConscious Logo

We have developed our ecoConscious line of sustainable packaging, each designed to help brand owners achieve their specific sustainability goals.​

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