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Vins Plastics provides packaging to house a wide variety of specialty chemicals, with experience in agriculture chemicals, pool chemicals and even explosives.​

Product applications may demand specific barrier to specific chemicals to prevent delamination or discolouration. We work with a wide variety of specialty polymers to safely package your chemical products.​

Our lab and quality team can provide rigorous testing to ensure compliance and product standardization.​

Drop and Grow

Vins has extensive experience with powdered products: beverage mixes, baking mixes, spices
and even specialty chemicals.​

We have a selection of sealant films designed to seal across powder contamination to maintain product shelf life and ensure a solid seal. Co-manufacturers enjoy working with our films for their performance and reliability.​

From stick packs, to sachets to pouches, we can help you package your powdered products in
a variety of flexible packaging formats.​

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